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Try a free* White Pages search with Zabasearch! A White Pages people search allows you to search by a name or a reverse phone lookup using a phone number. No credit card or registration is required to use this free* search — and you can search as many names or phone numbers as you like.

You can use White Pages as an address finder or a Reverse Phone Lookup. Simply enter a name or phone number and hit ‘SEARCH.’ You can immediately view a full name, age, address, and phone number, where available.

If you want even more information on a person, you can easily upgrade to a paid full background report. A full background report contains detailed information on a person and may contain someone's criminal record, marriage and divorce history, lawsuits they have been involved in, bankruptcies, liens against them, and more. Enter a name to begin!

What You Get with Zabasearch's White Pages Lookup

  • Telephone Numbers and Addresses Revealed.
  • No Registration Required. Instant Results.
  • Three Times More Residential Listings than White Pages Phone Directory.

What Information Is Publicly Available?

Are you trying to find someone? If you’re searching for someone with a common name, it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But thanks to Zabasearch’s People Search tool, you can now find almost anyone for free*. To use our free* People Search, just enter a first and last name. If the search subject has a common name, try narrowing your search by entering the last city and state you remember them living in. You may discover name, age, address, and partial phone number information. If you want even more information, you can upgrade to a paid background check report which can contain much more information about someone.


What Information Is Publicly Available?

A reverse phone number lookup allows you to enter an unknown number and where available, discover information found in U.S. public records that match the number searched— like a name, age, and address.

If you want even more information on a mystery caller, you can upgrade to a background report which contains much more information about someone. A full background report may contain criminal and arrest records, marriage and divorce records, social media profiles, and much more.