Saturday August 25th

The Top 10 So You Think You Can Dance finalists have now become the Top 8 dancers, and based on performances from August 22nd, we’ve collected all the data and the results are in! Results from the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine indicate that the dancers most likely to be called out by fans as the bottom four are likely to be:

Cole Horibe
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Lindsay Arnold
Witney Carson

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 Are these results a surprise to you? Next week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance is likely to be an emotional one as we believe that BFF’s Lindsay Arnold and Witney Carson may find themselves side-by-side as they wait for the judges’ verdict. Likewise, Cole Horibe has shown amazing versatility and strength throughout the season, and even we are a little sad that Cole is clearly in the danger zone!

If this is the final scenario for the bottom four dancers, based on previous performances, we think that the judges are most likely to save Witney and Cole, even though Cole shows a lower ZScore.  Clearly this is a tougher call between the guys, but Cole has been giving more consistent quality performances throughout the season so far.

Please note, Zscores represent the relative likelihood that a particular contestant will remain on the show. The higher the ZScore, the more likely the contestant will remain in the competition. The lower the ZScore, the more likely the contestant will be in the bottom three.

You can also learn more about the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine and how ZScores are calculated here or see how accurate our predictions have been so far.

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