Tuesday September 4th

We’re just a day away from the next round of eliminations on  So You Think  You Can Dance, and if you’re on pins and needles about who  might be going home next, we think we have the inside track for you. Based on the collection and analysis of data from around the Internet, you can check out our predictions for which dancers will likely end up in the bottom this week.

The ZabaSearch Prediction Engine is telling us that based on last week’s performances and measured fan variables, the bottom two dancers by gender will likely be:

Cole Horibe
Cyrus Spencer
Tiffany Maher
Witney Carson

Here’s a closer look at the relative likelihood of each contestant to stay on the show.  The higher the ZScore, the more likely the contestant will remain in the competition.  The lower the ZScore, the more likely the contestant will be in the bottom.  You can learn more about the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine and how ZScores are calculated here!

All in all, best bets tell us that both Eliana and Chehon are safe for the week and the most likely dancers to make it to the finals at present time. Do you agree with our predictions? We’d love to hear from you, so please join us on Facebook and share your thoughts!