Friday July 20th

In the first combined performance and results SYTYCD show ever, dance fans got to enjoy one more performance from the Top 20 before the results of last week’s fan vote were announced to reveal the bottom three dancers among the guys and girls.  After the couples danced, the judges were quick to announce the endangered dancers & their two choices to save.

America’s vote soon revealed Daniel Baker, Nick Bloxsom-Carter and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp to be among the bottom three guys, while Alexa Anderson, Janaya French and Witney Carson were named the bottom three ladies. Ultimately, after discussing each of these dancers amongst each other and with the choreographers during the week, judges Nigel, Mary and Adam decide to save Chehon and Witney, while the remaining four gracefully thanked the audience & began the long journey home.

Not long after the farewells were made, voting opened up for next week’s saves and eliminations among the Top 16! Fan votes were cast based upon this last round of performances, which included:


Lindsay & Cole
Hip hop choreography by Christopher Scott
Song:  Teeth by Lady Gaga

Nigel: I thought it was a fun routine to start off the show. Good characterization from you Cole, but I would have expected that because I think you play a character in real life too…Lindsay, you are certainly an incentive to go to the dentist, sweetheart…one thing I would say, it felt a little immature to me. I think you’ve just got to be careful that when you’re playing a character like this, you really need to be the vamp…next time just a little strong character from you.

Mary: Lindsay, you know I agree with what Nigel said a little vampire, but you know what, not only are you outside of your style, but so far removed from your personal lifestyle that it’s such a stretch right now, but part of this show is acting and you’re going to have to bring those skills to the table even more…Cole, you are  lean, mean, dancing machine, and you are the nerd of all nerds tonight and it’s good to see another character in you.

Adam: Cole, you’re totally freaking me out, but I do have to say if my pants were hiked up that high, I would be stressed out too. Lindsay, you have to attack it[these character pieces]…Every move has to be there…take a deeper investment in character.


Amelia & Will
Ballet choreography by Sonya Tayek
Song:  3326 by Olafur Arnalds

Mary:  Will and Amelia, you brought that routine to life. Man, oh man, you were just in it! Amelia,  I love and respect your individuality. I just think you have so much trust in Will, he took you so far off your balance point. Will, that was just such a different routine than you did last week and you are just rising to the occasion today. I heard the elevators were broken in the building today, but both of you have just gone up another floor today in my eyes.

Adam: Amelia, you are so brilliant but what is so brilliant is not only were your lines so brilliant, but you were so lost in that piece and you took me on a journey with you. Will, you a million percent totally stepped it up…but I am telling you right now I was never aware of your size difference because you were perfectly in synch.

Nigel: Amelia, you are a great quirky character, and I loved the way you buried that to immerse yourself in this routine. And the both of you…you are lucky that you are such brilliant dancers.


Amber & Nick
Tango choreography by Miriam & Leonardo
Song:  Tanguera by Sexteto Mayor

Adam: You guys, that was hoooottt! That was so hot! Amber, that was spectacular…you fully inhabited hat character, all of that sort of strength that you innately had, you just completely became this fire-breathing dragon. Nick, you were a brilliant partner…you did your job and you danced beautifully, but you were there as the partner to support your girl.

Nigel: I don’t think Nick made Amber look good, I think Amber made herself look good…Nick, very, very strong, you’re in your element here and it showed.

Mary: Not only was it a great routine, it was an extremely difficult routine…you made it look easy…you were fire out there Amber…Nick, you made me watch her.


Audrey & Matthew
Choreography by Sonya Tayek
Song: Hear Me Now by Steed Lord

Nigel: I cannot believe that you are the same couple that did that beautiful love routine on the chaise lounge last week…both of you are absolutely incredible, you are probably one of America’s favorite couples.

Mary:  I love the way you two dance, you’re certainly a dynamic duo for sure.

Adam:  Audrey, up until the Green Mile, I was still doubting, but you have wiped all that away, you were freaking brilliant…Matthew…if you keep it up like that, it’s yours to lose.


Janelle & Dareian
Choreography by Christopher
Song: My Girl by The Temptations

Adam: I thought that Dareian you were a little more successful than Janelle in investing in the character…

Nigel: [The choreography] It was a little uninspiring with the music to see what they could do, they are both capable of doing ore than I think you gave them to do in this routine…I think they are both better dancers than this, but you have to bring more to as well.

Mary:  Hey the routine was sweet, it was like cotton candy, and you know, I thought you did it ok.


Janaya & Brandon
Broadway choreography by Sean Cheesman
Song: Bring on the Men by Linda Eder

Adam:  Brandon, you really invested yourself…Janaya, I thought that was actually great for you…you actually played the comedy fantastically.

Nigel:  Brandon, I thought your character was terrific, and Janaya, you really brought something this week that I didn’t think you brought last week.

Mary:  Brandon, you did step it up tonight…from last week, I thought you guys would’ve been in danger, and you did step it up tonight….[Janaya] you were amazing tonight.


Eliana & Cyrus
Jive choreography by Melanie Lapatini & Tony Meredith
Song: I’m Shakin’ by Jack White

Mary: [Cyrus] The transitions were rough, the feet weren’t quite there…but sometimes it was really good. What I love about you is that you are partnering her…and you were there every step of the way to support her in those lifts…Eliana, you’re star is still shining, your footwork, your body tick, it’s all really clean—you are a phenomenal dancer.

Adam: It was amazing that you got through it…fantastic. Eliana, you’re like the hardest working woman in show business. You’re compensating for all of that, making him lo good and making yourself look great.

Nigel:  [Cyrus] I think America’s on your side, whether they’ll vote for you this week, I don’t know. Eliana, you’ve got a tough job…you have to compensate for the lack of his knowledge.


Alexa & Danielle
Foxtrot choreography by Dee
Song:  So Long My Friend by Yanni

Adam: The truth of the matter, is after that bath, I should’ve wanted to take a shower and I actually didn’t…I was very , very aware of the technical elements, but I was disavowed from some of the passion elements of it, and I think it might have to do with the connection elements…

Mary:  Everything was executed to a T…I’m not sure what it is, dismissing a little bit of chemistry between you two.

Nigel: That connection between yourselves and us was lost emotionally…


Tiffany & George
Foxtrot choreography by Melanie Lapatini & Tony Meredith
Song: I Want to be Loved by You by Sinead O’Connor

Mary:  Let me tell you, Tiffany, you were living it up there, just livin’ it! It just seemed like it was just perfect for you.  And George, what a perfect partner you are.

Adam: I was madly in love with that!  You guys were in-freakin –credible!

Nigel:  You would make an opening act for anybody…you have just given a lesson to every other couple on this show about how to connect!


Witney & Cheon
Bollywood choreography by Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: Tandav Music by Aatish Kapadia

Adam:  Witney, you have to dance with a long neck…you were fantastic. Cheon, it was the first time I saw joy, a shining personality there.

Mary: I thought it was absolutely perfect. Chehon, so much better than the Samba last week, you were on fire…Witney, you’re still on fire girl, that was fabulous!

Nigel: I can’t believe Witney, you were doing knee turns…I was really delighted to see the pair of you do this. I don’t think you did yourselves proud last week with the Samba, and I think you’ve done it this week.