Thursday September 6th

UPDATE (9/12/12): The last and final round of dances took place last night among the final four contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, and we’ve updated our predictions with the latest set of fan data taken after the final vote. Since last week’s performances, Eliana’s numbers have remained steady and the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine still forecasts Eliana to become America’s Favorite Female Dancer, by an even larger margin than originally expected.

For the guys, however, the situation has changed. Despite a stellar set of performances by animator/stepper Cyrus Spencer in last night’s show, the indications show that the  more classically trained Chehon Wespi-Tschopp might have rustled up just enough fan support to push him ahead of the ever-popular Cyrus.  However, the competition among the guys is no done deal. The ZabaSearch prediction indexes are tighter among the pair, so it could be anybody’s game, but for now, our bets are on Eliana and Chehon to take the title of America’s Favorite Dancers!


ORIGINAL POST (9/6/12): After a full season of dancing ’til the season ends, we are down to the final four contestants on So You Think You Can Dance and we think we know the answer that everybody’s waiting for —  which male and female will be voted “America’s Favorite Dancer”!  After compiling fan data from around the web, the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine analyzed the numbers to generate each contestant’s Zscore, or the index number which represents the relative likelihood of the contestant to stay on the show. In this final round, the dancer who achieved the highest ZScore may be headed for one big win in this final round of SYTYCD predictions.

Here are what the results of the ZabaSearch SYTYCD Prediction Engine would have shown if voting had taken place immediately after this first round of performances from the Top 6 on September 5th. Among the guys, we would predict that the win would go to Cyrus Spencer, the animator from Atlanta, Georgia, over Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, the ballet dancer from Chicago-slash-Australia. Early on, the judges took a chance on including 2 similar pop style dancers this year, but Cyrus won the battle, and now, he may be going on to win the war as America’s Favorite Male Dancer on Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance!

The race, however, is looking a little tighter between the ladies, with Eliana Girard currently exercising a slight lead over Tiffany Maher.  While Tiffany has been ahead of Eliana on a pure Twitter and Facebook fan count throughout the season, a consistent series of strong performances has put Eliana ahead of Tiffany, and in the front of the race for America’s Favorite Female Dancer on Season 9 of SYTYCD. (Oh yeah, a little on-screen favoritism from Nigel hasn’t hurt this ballerina either!)

The Top 6 will dance again on September 11th for one last time, and then voting will open up to fans. We will return after these performances to see if the fan pulse has changed. For now, here are the current predictions based on dances from September 5th only:

The season finale takes place on Tuesday, September 18th from 8-10 pm ET on FOX!  Learn more about the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine and how ZScores are calculated here.