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Original Message:

Message Sent Tuesday, April 22 5:08 (Pacific Time)
From: The Dalles, OR, US
Area Code: 541
Zip Code: 97058

Mary here is the deal you don't want to give me your address then you will meet me at the ball park where you and Timothy use to have sex ever weekend do you understand me. You will bring that box that you have with the key and I will give you your diary back understood. If do not show up or you tell Timothy I will promise to tell Timothy about what you did in March of 1974 to establish paternity on Timothy. How you got DNA from Timothy how will that really look and how do you think Timothy going to take it when I tell him that his friend took a pop can that he drink from and place it into a bag and you took it to the lab to establish paternity on Timothy. I want the box and I'll let you have the papers where it said that Timothy was 99.99% the biological father of Barbara so do whatI ask and I will not tell him understood. I know those paper are very important to you. How do I know about the box well I know because you gave it to Dick Bull before you left town in 1978 so let me prove it to you the box is blue and on the front is I love Tim and on the back is I have something that belongs to Tim Strope and on the top of the box is a picture of you, and Barbara and Julie and Dick Bull,and Julie husband and there son right so now believe me.I want the documents that is inside of that box I will take out the documents that are mine and give you your paper of establish paternity on Timothy and the box I will send to Timothy and we walk away and Timothy will never have to know about the paternity test that was taking okay. You come alone and if I see anyone with you or I see Timothy the deal will be off do I make myself clear. If you think Timothy will believe you about anything now you are died wrong because all that I have done to you he does not have any clue about it at all.
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Message Sent Friday, December 24 3:48 (Pacific Time)
From: Hicksville, NY, US
Area Code: 516
Zip Code: Unknown           Respond with a message

Man you sound evil..........

Message Sent Saturday, June 26 12:59 (Pacific Time)
From: , ,
Area Code: Unknown
Zip Code: Unknown           Respond with a message

This is the most ridiculous and shocking thing i've read on the internet LOL! I can't believe such stubborn people still exist..I thought our humanity improved, guess not...

Message Sent Monday, March 1 11:21 (Pacific Time)
From: Sacramento, CA, US
Area Code: 916
Zip Code: Unknown           Respond with a message

Wow, all I can say is that it takes a really SAD, PATHETIC person to be willing to ruin someone's life with threats. Just because your life turned out miserable doesn't give you the right to make threats. I do say threats because if you were ever really serious about all of this, you would have already told Timothy about this. Mary, you should tell Timothy what happened. Things, however they turn out, are for the better. Don't go and meet this person. First off, it's not worth it. Second, this person is a complete idiot. Besides, the only reason they are telling you not to tell Timothy about this "or they will", is they themselves know they don't have the nerve to say anything because they know how this will make them look to Timothy. Just print out the email, have a long talk with Timothy and explain everything. I wish you the best of luck with everything. As for the loser that was willing to make idle threats, GET A LIFE and stop messing with someone elses. How would you feel, if Mary decided to do something back in return. Karma -- it always comes back around.

Message Sent Sunday, November 8 10:04 (Pacific Time)
From: Hicksville, NY, US
Area Code: 516
Zip Code: Unknown           Respond with a message

Thats not right

Message Sent Thursday, February 12 3:30 (Pacific Time)
From: , , US
Area Code: Unknown
Zip Code: Unknown           Respond with a message

Is this message to Timothy W Strutz??????

Message Sent Thursday, November 20 3:32 (Pacific Time)
From: Worth, IL, US
Area Code: 708
Zip Code: 60482          
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I read your letter twice and I am sitting here totally shocked that you would have the audacity to stick your nose into a couples life and try to destroy a young adults' life. What your doing is BLACKMAIL. Obviously " Mary" is a clever girl to test the DNA - the saliva on a pop can. Who cares if that's how she did it! She loved her child and wanted the man that is the Father to grow up and be a FATHER. Maybe if you,(I say "you" because YOU were too much of a coward to insert you name) if you had a Father that was worth a damm, you wouldn't be threatening and blackmailing a mother for loving and protecting her child. Mary if you read this, report this person to the police, hire a lawyer, print the threatening letter out and hand it to your Tim. If he is a man he will apreciate your honesty. He deserved to know that he was a Father, he will BE your childs Father for the rest of their life. Imagine if you didn't have the courage to do what you did, your Child would never have forgiven you. God Bless You for doing the RIGHT thing.

Message Sent Sunday, July 27 4:46 (Pacific Time)
From: Albuquerque, NM, US
Area Code: 505
Zip Code: Unknown           Respond with a message

Hello, my name is Rachel Cash. I was in total shock when I read your message (above) I am 34 years old and I was born in long beach california in 1974. I have been looking for my birth father who's name is Timothy Roraback. My mothers name is Charlene Cash and at the time I was conceived my mother was living in military housing in san pedro california and I believe my birth father and his family lived there as well. The last time that he was heard from to my knowledge was in 1978. If you have any information on this matter could you please please e-mail me back? Thank You Very Much! Rachel Cash


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