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Message Sent Wednesday, April 2 11:04 (Pacific Time)
From: Manzini, 03, SZ
Area Code: Unknown
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HiMelanie, It is with great pleasure that I make my point of view knon over the elections that are currently on course in your great country. Am deeply saddned to observe that the elections are bring out an element of hatred between Senator Clinton on one hand Senator Obama at the other.Though this open secrect didnt come as a surprise to many a one, as both candidates enbody and stand for two differents but distincts values.Senator Clinton stands for those who think they more Americans than the rest,they believe in Aglo-America supremency, to such, diversity in unity spirit is that a mere slogan and they wish to see that this status-quo remains exchanged in order to only benefit the few.Senator Clinton thinks she owns the Democratic party so the party should nominate her by all cost. please, tell Senator Obama to be on his guards, she means business and will do anything and everything to get the nomination.Remenber,she won Ohio and other amist allegations that Senator Obama was telling the Canadians'presentative in America that what he was saying were just campaign' showcase.She achieved her goal portraing Senator Obama a traitor.The issue of his pastor,photos depicting Senator Obama as a musulm yet he is a christian,passport saga she has a hand in that too. Now, I suggest that Senator Obama leaves the Party nomination and stands as an independant candidate because the masses that matters most are with him and they believe in his dreams that shall make that country what it preaches to be and yet not.He is a Mandela,full of love and humanty even in the face of hatred he sees the fallen nature of the human race! If God has odained Senator Obama to govern that Land, so it shall be how matter what! People vote for him not because of the party but his principles he stands for.he shouldnt waste time instead starts campaigning throught out that vast Land! The Republic' nominee will never carry the day over Senator Obama,because the former stands for war which divides not only Americains but the world at case, he wins,many nations shall start activiting their military warfares,and fear will reign in the world,God forbids! Melanie,publish my thoughts. contacts are: cell +268 6150625
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