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Message Sent Tuesday, October 24 9:00 (Pacific Time)
From: Saint Louis, MO, US
Area Code: 314
Zip Code: Unknown

To: ...
I just want to tell you that I am 62 and used to be a big fan of yours. REally big. I am sorry for your unexpected turn in your life, but we all have something. I was terriblly disappointed to see you turn your affliction into a politcal agenda. It is not true that Senator Talent is against stem sell research. That is a lie. It is already approved in Missouri. I know I live here. The bill that is not getting passed in Missouri is because it is approving CLONING. Has nothing to do with stem cell research. I had polio as a child. Shriners hospital helped me. Not the government. claire mccaskil will do anything to get elected. She is the wrong person for the job. Before you jump out there, you need to research the facts. Or are you willing to say anything to get a democrat elected. Claire won't win in Missouri. Senator Talent is one of the most honest and for the people Senators we have. He has my vote. Stop the dirty campaign tricks. We are onto the democrats. This is just another one of their October surprises. Last but not least, I think Hollywood should stick to what it does best, entertaining, because they are surely no good at running a country look at what they have done to Las Angelas it is a mess. Thanks Julke
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