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Message Sent Friday, January 4 1:22 (Pacific Time)
From: Columbia, SC, US
Area Code: 803
Zip Code: 29212 

Message for Barbara Lou Williams, and John Williams.Karen Alane Williams was my given name by my birth parents, Barbara Lou (24yrs old) and John Williams(25yrs old from Monticello. NY). I was born on November 23,1961 At approximately 3:14AM in Sussex Boro, New Jersey. Apparently, this was a prearranged adoption, and it took me 56 years to get any knowledge of my birth parents,not for lack of effort, but due to the surrogate court and laws of (closed)adoptions in New Jersey. As l am approaching the age of 60,I accepted the fact that my questions and knowledge of my birth parents,just wasn't meant to be. When the law changed,I epedited my application immediately. Although-you-my birth parents could have "Red-Acted" your information. On July 16,2018 I received my original birth certificate. I was "floored". I didn't believe I would get any information; especially a birth name. I felt like two different people. You also had another child, who passed,and I had a sibling. I have been avidly searching the internet to try to contact you,to no avail. There are a lot of Williams, and Barbara Lou, omitted her maiden name. My adopted name is Mara, and please contact me. Email is mazdasuekaw At, and my cell number is 843-222-4540. Let's text,talk and meet,if possible. Whatever reasons you had for giving me up are okay. I believe it was in all of our best interests at the time. Please find it in your heart to contact me. You may also call the home phone number 843-750-0647. Birth Mom,I know you have questions,things you may want and need to share,as do I.No judgements. No regrets. Anxiously awaiting.
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