ZabaSearch, ZScores and American Idol Predictions

Wednesday March 28th

Using a proprietary ‘Prediction Engine,’  we hope to accurately predict the outcome of the 11th season of American Idol. Check back here each week, as we post new information and predictions about the remaining contestants, including who will be eliminated each week.

To make these predictions, we calculate a ZScore index number for each contestant, using statistical analysis along with a complex proprietary algorithm and data derived from Zabasearch’s American Idol Social Media Scorecard, among other data. The ZScore provides a relative ranking of each contestant; the lower the ZScore value is, the more likely the contestant is to be eliminated during the subject week. High ZScore values reflect a greater likelihood of remaining in the contest for the week under examination.

American Idol fans, be sure to visit us here over the next several weeks, as we announce our picks for contestants moving on to the next round and those who will be eliminated. In addition to making contestant predictions, we have created a place where fans can leave messages for their favorite contestants or judges, search for more information about the contestants, as well as check out our American Idol blog for the inside scoop on the show.