ZabaSearch Predicts Jessica Sanchez Wins American Idol

Wednesday May 23rd

In the hottest night of American Idol yet, Top 2 contestants Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez wowed the audience with three songs that changed the Idol Nation forever and the question on everybody’s mind became: Could the 16 year old powerhouse from Chula Vista, California win it all and become the first female American Idol winner in five seasons. or would good looks and boyish charm continue the four season winning streak for the gents? We predict the answer is yes — Jessica Sanchez will be the next American Idol.

After Phillip Phillips won the coin toss and elected to perform second, Jessica opened the night of song with Simon Fuller’s pick, I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. Duh. Whitney Houston. Jessica Sanchez. Enough said.  Phillip responded with a Phillipsed version of Stand By Me, which had its charm, but probably not to the degree needed to edge out the winning team of Jitney (Jessica  + Whitney).  The judges agreed.

Round two begins, and this time the contestants bring back their favorite performances and Jessica delivers a sweetly angelic version of The Prayer followed by Phillip’s rendition of Movin’ Out by Billy Joel. Randy calls this one a “dead heat” while Steven and JLo take opposite sides — Steven’s vote goes to the lady (of course), while Jennifer gives round two to Phillip.

In the final round of the season, each contestant delivered a song that would be his or her first release upon winning the title.  For the last time in competition, Jessica takes the stage with Change Nothing, and when she concludes, we find ourselves hoping that song changed nothing for Jessica because if it did, it was going to be in a bad way.  The song itself was less than impressive and much of it called for the low register of Jessica’s voice, which we all know isn’t her strongest area. Unfortunately the whole thing came across as mediocre, and the judges let us know that they felt the same way, largely placing the blame on the song itself. With this we agreed, but we wondered if this unfortunate timing would erase an entire season of Jessica’s top notch performances and hard work?

In glaring contrast, the closing and most influential spot of the evening went to Phillip Phillips. With guitar in hand, Phillip delivered Home, a song that seemed custom-made for him, complete with panoramic camera views, marching band and all the extras. In one fell swoop, Phillip showed us how stars are made, and after the song had been sung, the microphones fell silent to music and opened to the voices of the nation to decide who would become the next American Idol.

After the show, we checked in with our friends at AfterBuzzTV for some post-Idol performance reviews. Some good points and analysis were made about how these performances could have impacted the final results and the bets were laid. If you missed the live show, you can download the podcast for free on iTunes or catch an instant replay of our guest appearance on YouTube or below:

So where did these performances leave viewers? The cries for Jessica and the sobs for Phillip just became all that much louder and we heard you –all of you.

In fact, despite concerns of a significant international fan base, in this final phase of analysis, we extrapolated the data further to determine that the international component was not likely significant enough to impact Jessica’s overall popularity and the deciding  vote. Our final analysis based on a multitude of Web-wide metrics that have been fed into the ZabaSearch predictive model,projects that tonight’s new American Idol winner will end the male-dominated winning streak.



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