Will Heejun Get the Last Laugh (and Other Final Thoughts on the Elimination)

Friday March 30th

Yes. In Thursday night’s latest elimination on American Idol, some were surprised and some were not with the final judgment. Idol fan favorite Heejun Han was sent packing after moving into the contestants’ Idol mansion just days prior to Thursday night’s show. But, relax! Before you get to teary eyed about waving goodbye to the Hee-man, don’t, just don’t, because we predict that Heejun Han will have the last laugh, having capitalized on his witty, sense of humor over singing in the competition, which ultimately we believe he knew he would never actually win.

That said, let’s take a closer look at last night’s elimination. Was it fair and just? Ultimately, the answer is yes. Though Heejun might have had a few more good weeks left on him (at most), we called him out as a wildcard candidate for elimination in this last round of competition because his singing was good, but not that good, and his fan support had been waning over the last two weeks, especially since the Billy Joel My Life debacle.

You see, as the Idol season began, Heejun stormed onto the scene and made an impression on fans almost immediately with his laid-back-dry-sense of humor and his startlingly good singing voice.  After all, who would expect that voice to come out of that beanie-wearing, round-headed, cartoon-like character? Admit it. Each week when Heejun opens his mouth to sing, don’t you feel just a little — even a little — just like the time Susan Boyle first opened her mouth on Britain’s Got Talent? And it happens again. Every. Single. Week.

As for Hollie and Skylar, the other two contestants named in the list of the bottom three, there was no surprise for us at all, though some would beg to differ.  For example, according to CBS News, “The 12 mathematicians who might have been watching last night’s show would have realized that one of these last three was actually in the bottom three. It couldn’t have been Sanchez. It should have been Brackensick. It was, in fact, Laine.” Apparently we were one of the 12 mathematicians watching the show, as we predicted early on that both Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh would be in the bottom three after the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine churned through the math. (We’ve included a little treat for you data junkies below.)

Ultimately, the premise behind the numbers showed us that each of these ladies has a good following, but our monitoring of their social media pulse showed us that each of them had been slowing down in fan support in comparison to the other contestants. Combine that with a flawed performance by Hollie Cavanagh, a mediocre performance by Skylar Laine, and churn it all through the ZabaSearch American Idol Prediction Engine, and voila, we called it right on that one.

That said, our Idol predictions were largely right on, with two out of three panning out, though we’ll also take credit for knowing that there was a possibility that the wildly popular Heejun might be on his way out.  Be sure to come back for more of what lies ahead on next week’s American Idol as the Top 8 take on Songs from the 80′s!