Whole Lotta Love: Who Did It Better, Elise Testone or Adam Lambert?

Monday April 2nd

In last week’s performances of “Songs from My Idol,” Elise Testone rocked out her version of the Led Zeppelin classic, Whole Lotta Love. Though Elise was the last contestant to hit the stage on Wednesday night, this didn’t keep the judges from jumping to their feet one last time for the evening. However, as die hard Idol fans will know, Elise Testone was not the first Idol contender to amaze us with a whole lotta soul. Flashback to 2009 and picture Whole Lotta Love, done the Adam Lambert way.

In case you can’t quite recall the moment, you can get a taste of each of these American Idol contestants by viewing their performances side by side. Check out Elise’s performance from last week, then move on to Adam Lambert’s performance at the Tacoma Dome. Then be sure to vote on who you think brought a whole lot more on our Facebook page!

Elise Testone on American Idol, March 2012 Adam Lambert at the Tacoma Dome, July 2009