The Girl Who Dared

Monday March 12th

The truly great songs are typically a recipe for disaster on American Idol. In most cases, contestants should just know better than to try to belt out one of those truly iconic songs. However, in this case, it was near impossible to avoid catastrophe, that is, unless you are Jessica Sanchez.

In last week’s round of competition, while the gents belted out tunes from Stevie Wonder, the ladies were handed songs from none other than the late, great Whitney Houston. And while most would shy away from the proverbial biting-off-more-than-you-can-chew scenario, contestant Jessica Sanchez went for the gold by embracing the most difficult Whitney Houston song of all, I Will Always Love You, and let’s be clear — she owned it! In our book, Jessica scores a perfect 10 for her bone-chilling rendition of Whitney’s classic, and add another 10 to that for having the guts to do it!


With a performance like this, it’s easy to predict that Jessica is will be one of the last left standing when we reach the final round of this season’s American Idol!