The Falsetto That Irked a Nation Sends DeAndre Brackensick Home

Friday April 6th

A lot can change overnight, and in fact, for Top 8 American Idol contestant DeAndre Brackensick, a lot did. Just 24 hours after his performance of I Like It by DeBarge, America told DeAndre that we did not like it, making him the next American Idol contestant out the door.

While we accurately predicted the bottom three contestants this week to be Hollie Cavanagh, Elise Testone and DeAndre Brackensick via the ZabaSearch American Idol Prediction Engine, the data indicated that Hollie might be the more likely choice to head home this week despite the fact that DeAndre has been in the danger zone far more frequently than Hollie. What accounted for this difference? The human side of this tells us that DeAndre falsely relied on his falsetto to take him to the end. DeAndre has shown us that in addition to his impressive talent for hair flips and twirls, he can sing and that it’s even enjoyable when he reaches the lower tones of his range. But alas, caught in the paradigm of the proverbial monkey trap, DeAndre just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) let go of that falsetto banana to free himself (and America) so that we could see what he really can do.

That said, there was no real harm done. Even without the falsetto that began to irk America, DeAndre may have lasted another two weeks, tops. He was inevitably destined for an early departure, as he just didn’t have the breadth in range and appeal to be a real contender for the final four.  So what is the lesson to be learned from DeAndre’s Idol experience? That’s easy. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

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Photo credit: Fox