The Data Did Not Translate Into Votes (This Time Around): Congrats Phillip Phillips, American Idol!

Wednesday May 23rd

Phillip Phillips is our new American Idol. After a record-setting 132 million votes and lasting popularity among the younger females, a key demographic of the American Idol audience, handsome and quietly rebellious Phillip took center stage and the title of American Idol on Wednesday night in a surprising-to-some (yes, that includes us) grand finale.

So what led to Phillip’s victory? We are sure that more data, facts and analysis will come to light in the days that follow this Idol coronation, but for right now, here in this moment, we believe that Phillip’s everlasting popularity may be attributed to several factors:

And so the lights go dim as another season of American Idol is done. While we have done our best to provide the best predictions possible, these are based on a multitude of different factors that are subject to many different variables themselves, and we are left wondering if science really can predict human behavior (at least when it comes to reality TV). We do not know the answer to this for sure, but we will keep trying with our history of pretty good odds.  So stay tuned, kick back, relax and enjoy the ride for more data-meets-the-tube sort of fun on American Idol and beyond!