The Case For and Against Phillip Phillips as the Next American Idol

Monday May 21st

Will Phillip Phillips be the next American Idol? In just 48 hours, we will know the answer to that question, as the Top 2 contestants take the stage on Tuesday evening for the performances of their life! Some say that Phillip is a shoe-in for the winner, while others disagree. As we wait for the performances to take place and the data to roll in for our final set of American Idol predictions, we thought this would be the perfect time to look at the case for and the case against Phillip Phillips as the next American Idol. Please join us on Facebook and tell us if you agree!

Why Phillip Phillips WILL BE the Next American Idol

Why Phillip Phillips WILL NOT BE the Next American Idol

Will you be voting for your favorite contestant on American Idol for the win this week? No matter what the outcome, Phillip Phillips reigns supreme among all the philatics out there, but come one, come all and vote for your Idol!