The Case For and Against Jessica Sanchez as the Next American Idol

Monday May 21st

We are down to the final 24 hours before Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez take the stage for the title of American Idol, and with the chatter heating up, we thought this would be the perfect time to take a closer look at Jessica Sanchez and the factors that may play or not play in her favor for Tuesday night’s competition.  While our predictions are still in the works (check back here Wednesday morning), we’ve made the case both for and against Jessica below.  Read on and join us on Facebook to tell us if you think Jessica will be the next American Idol or not!

Why Jessica Sanchez WILL BE the Next American Idol

Why Jessica Sanchez WILL NOT BE the Next American Idol

So, will this be the winning season for 16-year old Jessica Sanchez? In the hearts and minds of all the other blujays out there, Jessica has already won, no matter what the outcome!  (But we still can’t wait to see if it will be official or not!)