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American Idol Season 6
The Methodology For Accurately Forecasting American Idol Voting Results Was Developed By Nick Matzorkis
We announced Jordin would be the winner at midnight, May 22 after the final performance show, 18 hours before the voting results show aired.
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This voting chart was published by 12 noon, 8 hours before the voting result show aired on May 16.
ZabaSearch projects the voting outcome of the last 6 American Idol shows of each season.

ZabaSearch projected correctly every time in 2006 and is 4 for 4 in 2007 with two shows to go
Last week’s correct prediction:
Lakisha Voted Off!
This American Idol final vote graph was published 10 hours before the voting results show aired on May 9, 2007.
This paragraph was published before Idol Gives Back aired on April 25:
This is the accurate outcome of votes cast. American Idol’s network and call capture systems not capable of accurately counting votes in this volume. Accurate voting results can only be achieved by vote samplings. Phil, LaKisha and Chris received the fewest votes this week, Period. No one will be going home because American Idol does not know the accurate vote count. Domestic phone network trunks not able to handle the volume of calls accurately. Traffic congestion shuts down and overruns switches resulting in wildly inaccurate voting counts. Sooner or later, this truth will surface in the media. This is not American Idol’s fault or their intention. Local exchange carrier phone networks are simply not able to handle the volume of calls accurately. The show has become more popular than U.S. phone systems can handle.
*Sanjaya did not get the fewest votes last week. He may have gotten the least votes counted, but not the least votes cast. Discuss

During the 2006 American Idol season, ZabaSearch founder, Nick Matzorkis, began to track how frequent each of the contestants’ names were searched in various locations on the web and gathered additional data reflecting phone voting trends. He found that applying a formula he devised to those numbers before and after the performance night broadcast, would accurately predict the voting outcome the following night. He began to post his findings on this web page, quickly gaining a huge following, generating hundreds of thousands of visits on elimination days. Matzorkis was out on a limb when his numbers indicated Chris Daughtry would be voted off the night he was, but he went ahead and posted the voting results as the numbers indicated 8 hours before the actual show aired on the east coast. When Chris was cut that night, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Sun-Times both mentioned that ZabaSearch had accurately predicted that voting outcome the previous day, as it did with each of the last 6 voting results shows of the season.

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