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This “hot” (says-says-Steven-Tyler-in-an-awkward-moment-in-front-of-her-dad) 16-year old, Shannon Magrane is the daughter of former St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher Joe Magrane. Shannon plays on her high school volleyball team, a definite advantage for her high school, at 6’0” tall!



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Songs from Birth Year

One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey &  Boyz II Men) The problem for me was the song choice. You got this big ‘ol voice, the song doesn’t allow you to show that…not that you need to show that every time, but pick something that you can really make your own. For me, not my favorite thing I’ve ever seen you do, but good job. You can’t stray too far from what I think you sing the best, which is ballads…and the rhythm that you sang with this song was just a little shady…I love those pants.

Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston

I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) I was like “Oh my god” don’t take on the big monster… I was honestly terrified for you, but you did a beautiful job with that. I think you sing your best when you don’t try so hard.

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