Joshua Ledet

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A graduate of Westlake High School in Louisiana, Joshua began his singing career in his father’s church at the age of three. Joshua currently works for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. He says that Fantasia is his favorite American Idol contestant of all-time.

Joshua was eliminated from the Top 3 contestants on May 17, 2012.



Episode Song Randy's Comments Jennifer's Comments Steven's Comments

Jimmy's Pick

  No More Drama (Mary J Blige) At this point, it doesn't matter what you do, what you sing, you have laid everything on this stage there is to lay. People should just stand up and vote for you. You have this perfect marriage of knowing exactly what you're doing and letting go at the exact same time. I watched you and I felt the last forty years of the music business. It was over the top.

Singer's Pick

Imagine (John Lennon)  You dig deep into the lyrics, the meaning, the performance... It was a hold back and control performance for me and that's a hard thing to's a beautiful thing. Another thank you God moment with you man.

Judge's Pick (Randy)

I'd Rather Be Blind  (Etta James) You are such a classic stylist...Modern times in the R & B sense definitely needs a lift because it's ailing and aching right now...another amazing performance. You are such a brought down the house. Again.  This is another Joshua moment, it was so surreal to hear somebody sing those old songs and deliver them...Out of 70,000 there's only one American Idol and you sang like one tonight.

Songs You Wish You Had Written

It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World (James Brown) You delivered us and America tonight, everybody that saw this, got something tonight...I think it was one of the best performances in the history of any singing show.  I think people at home maybe thought, like I did, that they had seen everything you had to give and how you can interpret a song and we hadn't! Neither man nor woman has ever sang that good with that much passion ever! I've never heard anything like that in my life!

California Dreamin'

You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)  I think what you're doing now is you show us, you validate what we say--if you are a great singer an a great artist, you can sing anything...I think you are an amazing artist with a ginormous career ahead of you. I think the whole world knows what I think of Joshua already...What can I say, it was another great performance for you. I can only say that I'm really glad you got on that plane...I think you are the plane right now.

Brit Pop Hits

To Love Somebody (Bee Gees) Yo man, listen. Wow...The fact that you could take something you've never heard and deliver it with that passion...your experience is way beyond your age. No matter what goes down, you are one of the best singers on this show, ever! I think you're one of the best singers we've seen in fifty years. It's crazy! You're such a great artist  that if you've never heard this song before that you took this song, you went back in the room in 15 minutes, that's what a real artist does.

Songs from 60's

Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Temptations) You can bring R&B back in a different sort of way because it's been missing from our musical landscape in America. You're like a throwback from another era, you are so sick! Joshua, you gotta be one of the top two best idols of all time, I gotta tell you man!

Contestant's Choice

Ready for Love (India.Arie) I don’t even know what to say anymore man, I’m just so speechless…all I can say is that was unbelievable…crazy good. Transcendent. And I’m snapped into reality by the way you sing! All I can say is I hope the label finds you a bunch of good songs and you’re off to the moon!

Songs from Queen

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen) Yo man, let me just say that was unbelievable. Let’s go down the line – vocals, four checks, performance, four checks, character, charisma -- four checks! Dude, you are so ready! Is it bad for me to say the Joshua part of the show is my favorite part of the show? I always know I’m gonna get an inspired vocal but a great performance on top of it. You have such a classic style, it sounds like nobody else.

"Now and Then"

I Belileve (Fantasia) I love that you picked a song that you believed in… you are truly one of the most gifted singers we’ve met on this show. Sweet cutie… you leave it all on the stage every single time. You could sing the phonebook… and you’re so good at it. There’s just nothing to say anymore.

"Now and Then"

A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cook) What a perfect song for you… just like you, this song was like perfect for you… you took your time, you let it marinate, and then you burst it open at the end. We all know how you can sing already, but it’s how you come out and you sing these songs. You have stressed your voice to the limits of soul… there was the restraint in the beginning and that’s what made it so big when you popped!

"This Decade"

Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars) You’ve got the vocals. You’ve got the performance. You’ve got everything. You are in the zone. A Joshua type of performance is so dynamic, it so takes control of the audience, it takes so much energy, it’s not just the vocals. It’s everything, it’s about being a performer, it’s about knowing when to go, when to stop, when to push and when to lay back. Joshua man, you can sell us all like a work of art!

"Songs from the 80's"

If You Don't Know Me By Now (Simply Red) It’s very rare that I want to stand up from beginning to end, that’s how good that performance was! Ask and you shall receive, that’s what they say, right? We asked for a powerhouse performance and that’s what we got! Joshua, how can someone sing like you at your age?

"My Idol"

Without You (Mariah Carey) Dude, I love you, I love your voice. I think that was flawless. You’re a phenom. You are an absolute angel from heaven. That voice is just godsend. You know, I don’t know what’s going on with tonight, but everybody’s been pushing themselves beyond their limits and you did that tonight.

Songs from Billy Joel

She's Got a Way About Her (Billy Joel) Dude, with a voice like yours and a talent like yours, never ever feel defeated. It was kind of a half-half thing…you’re still one of the greatest singers here… I feel stupid to say anything negative in any way because you sing so great…I just needed to feel more like you were connected to the lyrics and what they were saying…I felt like you were singing it, but you weren’t singing it. I think that you took a song that I don’t know and I wasn’t too up on it when you firs You made a song that I didn’t know come to life with your life and your heart. I think you sang the sweat out of it.

Songs from Birth Year

When a Man Loves a Woman (Michael Bolton) Somebody needs to come out here and regulate…Joshua Ledet, that was phenomenal, incredible on every level! That was the best thing I’ve ever seen on American Idol! That was so good man, we were up half way through it!

Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston

I Wish (Stevie Wonder) I don’t even know what other singers are coming or what’s going on, but you just blew it out! I love that I just felt your performance more than anything. I felt the music through what you were doing. You have the snap, you brought it on, you listened to Mary J. and you nailed it.

537 messages to Joshua Ledet

  1. lisha goodwin says:

    Your voice is God given I wish you sucess.

  2. Marna says:

    Blessings to you; and much success in your music career. Keep up the great job!!

  3. miche says:

    Joshua, you truly are a Blessed young man with a talent that only God can give. I do want to encourage you to keep your faith and never give up. Even in the secret place of your heart where hurt lies, be encouraged and know that what God has for you, It is for you!!!! Be Blessed you and your fam

  4. Precious says:

    Hey baby

  5. Bev says:

    I love your voice, you have a God-given gift, and I hope you come out on top. You have a great future ahead of you.

  6. Jessica Ledet says:

    My family comes from Louisiana and Ethiopia. I think we could be related!!!!

  7. Melodie Pooler says:

    I love your voice and look forward to hearing you perform each week. My hope is for your continued success. You can continue to count on my votes.

    Best of luck to you!!!

  8. Somebody's grandma says:

    To one who much is given – much is expected. Your talent is God inspired and given – stay close to God and family and success will be good. Stay humble and close to the way you were raised. Your a wonderful young man and a blessed one.

  9. The old Biddy from Sacramento, Ca says:

    Joshua, You are great and each week you get better………..keep up the good work.
    Your talent is wonderful. I vote as many times as I can!!!

  10. Pamela says:

    Joshua – just remember that this is just the beginning for you no matter what!! Look at Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert. Sometimes you don’t have to come in first to be the winner!!!

    All the best, you will be tremendous no matter what. Keep strong & always believe in your self

  11. Sally says:

    I look forward to your performance every Wednesday night, you are simply great.. What a natural soul singer; people from all walks of life can never get enough of a true soul singer. With lots of time and hard work, you could be an international super star

  12. Susan says:

    Go back to when you sang when a man loves a woman, it rose me up out of the bed, I have it on my I pod please find male artist songs like that to sing, you are picking the wrong songs. With the right songs you can win this. Believe in god you can coir

  13. Louis says:

    I have been watching Idol since the beginning and although there have been some great singers Joshua is the first person whose music I would buy.

  14. Alan Aldrich says:

    You are awesome
    I can’t wait for your first recordings. I will purchase them for sure.
    Keep it up. If you don’t win this competition then America is just stupid.

  15. Mary says:

    Josh, I have not watch American Idol in years. I thought it was fixed by the network. Well, YOU are the only reason I watch. I love your voice, personality, humbleness, God fearing attitude. DO NOT forget the Lord. Be different. You can depend on my votes until the end.
    I will buy your songs.

  16. Liz says:


    The best is yet to come! Remember the joy of the Lord is your strength and his favor is your shield..Keep shining in the favor of the Lord as America votes for YOU… Have the best week ever.

  17. lolo says:

    Joshua, you are so elegant and strong with your character of singing. You woo women, especially when its a high note. Don’t let this show slow u down. Keep going-hell, u might join a record company(motown, detroit). You are the man-keep your faith high

  18. Esther says:

    Hi Josh. I am from Uganda(Africa). I always follow AI,but have never been captivated by any contestant. U have a beautiful voice and are a performer. Yo handsome 2,that smile……i can’t vote but i pray 4 u every day. Hope u win. Have faith. I like da way u treat da ladies. Kip it up!

  19. Temi says:

    Hello Josh! I am voting for you and have a request (which may be a little too late) but, if you sing STAY WITH ME BABY by Lorraine Ellison———-I am confident you can take the prize! You have the voice to absolutely slay that song which will send shivers down every one’s spine!

  20. Robin says:

    Will you ever be able to sing a song without doing that awful screaming you do? It ruins the songs and can not understand the words to the song.

  21. Barbara Hulshizer says:

    Josh IF you win this in few weeks PLEASE do not forget who gave you this voice.Somany superstars loose the Lord along the way.. For fame. Money, Power sneaks in & the Lord is pushed to the back burner. I heard Jennifer last night say WHEN I went to church=== what happened? You are sooooooooooo good

  22. joush: no matter what you hang in there. don’t give up. put GOD first you will make it.
    Mrs revels

  23. shannon says:

    Joshua, u have been my fave, u have given me tears and chills. WOW..I really cant put into words how incredible u are! That voice is from God and we are blessed to b a part of this journey with u and hear your beautiful voice. I think i may have a crush on u, bcuz of that and your spirit. LOVE!!

  24. shannon says:

    Your rendition of ”A Man’s World” is probably one of the best, if not the best like Randy said, of any competition EVER! I keep tellin everyone about it and how great it was and to listen to it if they havent. Im your biggest fan! Big things are comin your way..guarenteed. U are one of a kind! XOXO

  25. bettie- May 16, 2012 says:

    Let Jesus lead you all the way. Your going to the TOP. Your on the Lord’s side and he’s right by your side. Stay blessed in th lord.

  26. Laara says:

    You have my vote and my heart. I enjoy your amzing talent to entertain

  27. mary serbins says:

    josh,i am your bigest fan. you shouls win for sure. you give me chills

  28. mary serbins says:

    ok, now i see this does work! ilove the last 3 people, but joshua just kills it every week.that scream of his is always placed just right and gives me chills. i love him.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Tanya says:

    Voting like crazy for Joshua! 1 piece of advice-the ONLY thing that might detract is when you shy away from Phillips-lean into discomfort on this. Girls love guys that are comfortable w/ guys (I’m a straight female). You have it in the bag-seal the bag with this! Shows absolute confidence&harmony!

  31. Judy says:

    You are amazing. I am an older fan….you my dear are going to the top…even if you don’t end up the “American Idol”… will not need that title to get record contracts or sell out concerts. I love you! You are God sent that is for sure.

  32. Tman says:

    I really think you should do Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me. You have the perfect voice for that and I’m from the older age group:)

  33. sharon pluck says:

    Joshua….I am SO upset that you didn’t win. NO DOUBT you are the BEST. I have been watching Idol for years and no one capitivated me more. Your voice and the way you perform is a gift from God. In all my years watching – I voted for you more than anyone. I look forward to your concerts soon.

  34. Kaye Thompson says:

    Congratulations to you even though you did not win. You should have won and this show has lost me as a fan. I know they could care less, but I am taking it off my watch list. You will have an excellent career.


  35. vjbsaint says:

    Joshua i voted for you every week , i still feel you should have been in the finals , but nethertheless you are going to the top . i can’t wait till i can buy your cd or what ever you put out there.

  36. Sandi says:

    Josh – I am so upset that u didn’t win tonite. U are the only reason I even watched Am. Idol. Ur voice is a gift from God. I voted for u more times than I can count, but better things are on the way for u. I will definitely buy ur CD’s when they come to the stores. Best of luck with ur career.

  37. blksassygrl says:

    Joshua your are the greatest! You should have won that lastnight. Well I can’t even explain how good you are from what you’ve shown on am idol ill be here all day. Luv luv luv! Your going to the top no matter what and I will be buying whatever it is you put out looking forward to hearing more fromu.

  38. Lora says:

    Joshua Ledet is the best!!!! American Idol was “fixed”!! Since Joshua is gone, I’m DONE with American Idol..

  39. Lora says:

    Hey Joshua….Please please don’t stop!! I’ve been looking forward to hearing you sing every week. Your the only reason why I watched the show to hear YOU!! ONLY YOU!!!

    • My partner and I stumbled over here from a different web address and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking into your web page again.

  40. Diane Cancel says:

    Josh I am an older woman who knows talent when it flow, young man you can blow!!
    But I must be fair about your preformace, you sound like Jacky Willson for sure and you natural self when it comes to singing about the essences of life. Your vocal cords are perfict and I will never watch American Idol

    • Diane Cancel says:

      As I stated before I will never watch American Idol again Josh young let the world know you can sing any songs from old to new. I will be the first to buy all your CD’S!!!!!!!!!!

  41. LISA SMITH says:


  42. Bessie says:

    Joshua it should have been you I would be watching tonight In the finale but god had better ideas for you to be a success than american idol. you are far more the best on the show I will always buy your cd just to feel what you give to people , I am less than a mile for your home and proud of it

  43. KB says:

    Joshua, I wish you well. You have a fan in me and I look forward to supporting you for years to come.

  44. Olivia says:

    Joshua, you are a very lucky young man. no, you didn’t get the top prize, but with a voice like that, you will go very, very far! Keep the faith and hold your head up.God loves you,so do I.

  45. Anne says:

    Joshua, I don’t care what the voters said, you are the real American Idol winner for 2012. No one can sing like you, you are a gift from God. I look forward to your first cd, and wish you well and much success.

  46. zoleka says:

    I cannot believe that you went home! I am devastated! I really am your #1 fan. I wish only the best for you now. I trust that there will be a Joshua Ledet album out soon. It would be a shame for such talent to go unnoticed. YOU ARE GREAT Joshua!_ X O X O X O

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  62. JudyBaker says:

    Hi Joshua….I have written a song for you called The Legend of a Man and with your permissions would like to send it to you. It is copywritten and the words and music both fit you. I do think you will love it and it does fit your amazing voice. All I need to do is hear from you.

  63. Brandie Oen says:

    Hot summer day and waiting for the bus dudes listening to Lauryn Hill. Awesome|KenyaW268|

  64. Jef says:

    aMAZING vOICE!!!!!!!!!!

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  68. Viv says:

    Greetings from little old United Kingdom – London, I was very sad that you did not win but you will always be a winner to me and many other residents in the UK. Looking forward to listerning to your album I’m sure that it will be fantastic and we would like to hear it across the shores. Take care

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  71. Addie watkins says:

    Josh, I bet you could slay some Terrance Trent Darby. I can hear you singing “sign my name across your heart”.

  72. Eveetah says:

    Here it is 2013, and I’m still upset you didn’t win season 11………I just want to hear you sing, my tow favorites songs you did are “I’d Rather Be Blind” (Etta James) and “It’s A Man’s World” (James Brown) I could listen to you sing those two songs over and over and over again :) Good Luck !

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