Season 11 Top 4 American Idol Update: What Are They Doing Now?

Friday June 8th

Now that the clamor over Season 11 has died down, we thought it would be a good time to find out what your favorite Idol contestants are doing now. While most are getting ready for their upcoming summer tour, here’s the lowdown on other things that the contestants have been up to:

Phillip Phillips:  Season 11 American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is now on the road to recovery. Recently announced, Phillip has a 6.5 hour surgery on Thursday afternoon to remove kidney stones, which had, over the course of the competition, been keeping Phillip from fulfilling all of his Idol duties. Phillip, who has long-time suffered from a congenital kidey condition had surgery in March which placed a stent to prevent blockage. This interim surgery allowed Phillip to remain in the competition, which ultimately led him to become the nation’s most recent American Idol.  This surgery was originally scheduled for last week, but had to be postphoned due to a fever and sinus infection.

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Jessica Sanchez:  16 year old runner up Jessica Sanchez has not stopped singing since the competition. With a huge fan following from around the world watching her every move, Jessica will be singing the United States national anthem this Saturday, June 9th, at the Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match in Las Vegas. The audience is estimated to be about 16,000 at the site, while millions are expected to tune in from around the world on pay-per-view.

Rumor also has it that Jessica Sanchez may be in negotiations to open for American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez at JLo’s November concern in Manila — wouldn’t that be a treat for Jessica’s Filipino fans who have been so ragingly vocal during this last season’s competition? This would be a smart move by Jennifer, though confirmation of this event is yet to take place.

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Joshua Ledet: A million hearts were saddened by the Top 3 elimination of Joshua Ledet from American Idol. However, many of us have always known that Joshua was destined for a fabulous career and he’s already shown us that he is well on his way.  Case in point, just a little over a week ago, Joshua tweeted a picture of himself and First Lady Michelle Obama while backstage at Live! With Kelly.  What’s more, at a concern on May 12th in Lake Charles, over 3,000 fans came to here Joshua sing songs from his season on American Idol. Of course, if you are still pining for more Joshua, check out this exclusive article from Us Weekly featuring 25 things you didn’t know about Joshua Ledet!

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Hollie Cavanagh:  Sweetheart Hollie Cavanagh continues to feel the love from fans. Just a few weeks ago, Hollie’s hometown of McKinney threw a huge parade and concert event in her honor. At the event, Hollie received a key to the city and learned that a street would be named in her honor.  Hollie’s other plans include the Idol live tour and an album within the year.

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