Man versus Machine: Catch ZabaSearch on AfterBuzzTV Tonight After American Idol

Tuesday May 22nd

You never know what you’re going to come across in the Twittersphere these days, and just a few weeks ago, we engaged  AfterBuzzTV hosts J.C. Rubio and Mark Alan in a little friendly banter over American Idol predictions. Sure we missed a few early on, but since J.C. and Mark have brought this to squarely our attention, the battle of man versus machine is on, and lately, the “machine” aka the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine has been nailing it, spot on, much to the dismay of J.C. and Mark.

And so, last week, AfterBuzzTV invited us on to talk for a few minutes about how our Prediction Engine works, but let it be known — you’re not fooling us! We knew it was all a cover to find out how we generate our predictions, and we held our secrets tight! In the end, machine won out over man (again), with ZabaSearch accurately predicting the demise of young Joshua Ledet, while human hosts J.C. and Mark thought Jessica would be headed home.

The battle of man versus machine is set for one more round as this season of American Idol comes to a close. After the performances are done, head on over to AfterBuzzTV at 9 pm Pacific Time  to listen to some live after show chat with special guest ZabaSearch and together we will see how the battle between man versus machine will play out for this final round of American Idol, Season 11!

If you miss the live show, you can always catch a replay of AfterBuzzTV on iTunes or on YouTube.


INSTANT REPLAY:  If you missed last week’s show after Top 3 Performances, you can still catch the Buzz on ZabaSearch American Idol predictions right here: