Elise Testone Eliminated, Five Remain

Friday April 27th

After weeks of curiously erratic voting by America, Top 6 American Idol contestant Elise Testone was finally eliminated in the first predictable outcome in weeks.  Wednesday night’s performance show included two songs from each contestant, one by the famed rock group Queen, and one of the contestant’s own choice.

Some say Elise was eliminated due to her poor choice of song selection, but we believe Elise was eliminated because her style simply didn’t resonate well with today’s audience. Now, that is not to say that Elise’s singing is not on par with the other remaining Idol contestants. In fact, Elise is one of this season’s truly unique voices. She has talent and she has style, but unfortunately she just doesn’t have the style that American is looking for today.

Looking back at the data we’ve collected so far in the American Idol Social Media Scorecard, it was inevitable that Elise would eventually be eliminated, though we even suspected it would happen far earlier than the Top 6.  She has always been at the tail end of the fan count of Twitter and Facebook followers, but social media is a young person’s game, and at nearly 30 years of age, compared to the teens in the bunch, Elise is of a different generation altogether.

That said, the game is on for the next round of performances as the remaining contestants will compete hard to make it to the final four. Keep checking back for more on Season 11 of American Idol and the next round of our predictions!