NEW! American Idol Social Media Scorecard

Wednesday March 14th

With performances for the final 12 contestants hitting the tube tonight, see how popular your favorites are with fellow fans in our new American Idol Social Media Scorecard where we will be tracking the number of followers and fans each contestant has been building up on Twitter and Facebook each week! As of March 14th, contestants Heejun Han, Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips top the list of officially-fanned Idol favorites, so it’s an easy prediction that this fabulous foursome can leave their bags unpacked for the next several rounds of singing.

Rounding out the bottom of the list is Jermaine Jones, who is expected to be eliminated on tonight’s show after being disqualified from competition for concealing arrests from the show’s producers (background check, anyone?). Of course, with Jones’ unexpected Idol demise, will there still be an elimination from this week’s competition? If so, that would open up a programming gap for Idol producers, and we could see the return of another former contestant at some point, perhaps Jeremy Rosado?

In any event, this week’s turn of events has brought some real-life, unexpected surprises for both fans, contestants and show producers!

What do you think will happen on this week’s American Idol? Leave us a comment below or talk about it on Facebook!

**Data as of March 14, 2012

Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total
Heejun Han 69,999 25,224 95,223
Colton Dixon 55,001 33,168 88,169
Jessica Sanchez 43,761 40,247 84,008
Phillip Phillips 62,456 21,521 83,977
Erika Van Pelt 34,672 8,533 43,205
DeAndre Brackensick 22,606 17,040 39,646
Skylar Laine 22,124 15,792 37,916
Hollie Cavanagh 19,587 12,744 32,331
Shannon Magrane 16,877 9,071 25,948
Elise Testone 13,578 9,043 22,621
Joshua Ledet 11,918 10,111 22,029
Jermaine Jones Account Removed 4,800 4,800