American Idol Social Media Scorecard: The Race is On

Wednesday April 25th

The pulse on this week’s American Idol Season 11 Top 6 contestants finds two clear front runners in total fan count, while the bottom four are neck and neck in overall fan popularity based on Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Both Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips continue to exhibit a significant lead over the remaining contestants, though they are just about even with each other on Facebook likes with Jessica enjoying a fairly large lead over Phillip in Twitter followers. Of course, total count is likely not as significant as one might think in American Idol voting, as last week showed us, with the elimination of overall fan count frontrunner, Colton Dixon.

Clearly, the week to week changes that occur in fan count may be the more important factor. Based on changes from last week’s American Idol Social Media Scorecard (SMS), Hollie Cavanagh had the lowest gain in overall popularity, with a 15.5% SMS gain, as compared to Phillip Phillips who’s fan base increased by 22.6%.

You can check out the fan counts for the Top 6 contestants below. Based on this data, what predictions can you make about who will go home this week on American Idol? Share your predictions with us on Facebook!


Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total % Change from Previous Week
Jessica Sanchez 225,660 141,003 366,663 21.2%
Phillip Phillips 216,055 59,525 275,580 22.6%
Skylar Laine 94,331 41,850 136,181 22.1%
Hollie Cavanagh 71.234 32,892 104,126 15.5%
Joshua Ledet 65,557 37,030 102.587 17.4%
Elise Testone 64,346 31,966 96,312 18.7%