American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Phillip Phillips’ Fan Base Surges

Wednesday May 16th

UPDATE (6:17 pm):  New information on Phillip’s fan surge discovered! See latest theory here.

This week, the American Idol Social Media Scorecard is telling us that the race is on! The remaining Top 3 contestants in Season 11 of American Idol each experienced some of the largest gains in Twitter and Facebook following over the last week than over the duration of the season. In fact, last week’s fan count lagger, Phillip Phillips exhibited the biggest overall surge in fan base of the three, measuring at just over 325,000 fans last week and growing to nearly 451,000 fans this week, based on the same primary social media markers. In total, this represents a whopping 38.6% overall growth rate from same time last week, with the majority of fans flooding in on Facebook — over the last week, Phillip’s official Facebook following grew by 153.2% in Facebook likes alone!

Likewise, both Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet have also seen significant gains in fan following.  Jessica still leads the pack with the greatest overall number of total Facebook and Twitter fans, though Phillip’s recent gains have narrowed the gap significantly.  Jessica’s social media gains over the last week measured about 14% all the way around, including in Twitter followers, Facebook likes and overall. Joshua’s fan base, on the other hand, grew overall by 19.2% with slightly greater gains in his Facebook following (20.4%) compared to his Twitter gains (18.6%).

What conclusions can we draw from this latest round of social media data on the Top 3 American Idol contestants? The only thing we know for sure is that it is going to be neck-and-neck to the end in one of the most competitive seasons of American Idol ever. It’s easy to argue that Jessica Sanchez, who would be the first female Idol in many seasons, could take the title based on a long-time established, huge fan base, while history has shown that the tween girl count matters the most. And if that is the case, the majority vote will most likely goes to the wildly popular Phillip Phillips. However, don’t count Joshua Ledet out just yet.  Not only does he seem to have the judges on the side, but Joshua’s fan base has also shown some truly significant gains as well after a consistent series of world-class performances, and this week’s three-pack of individualized song picks may really allow him to shine (again).

In the meantime, as the Top 3 gear up for another round of fierce competition, let the chips fall where they may and we will do our best to count them up and lay down our next set of American Idol predictions for the Top 3. Check back Thursday morning for the results from the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine and LIKE us on Facebook to keep up with our latest data and predictions!

Contestant Twitter Followers
(1 week % change)
Facebook Likes
(1 week % change)
Total Fan Count
% Change in Total from Previous Week
Jessica Sanchez 325,054 (14.4%) 198,857 (14.1%) 523,941 14.3%
Phillip Phillips 281,055 (8.9%) **169,807 (153.2%)** **450,862** **38.7%**
Joshua Ledet 98,971 (18.6%) 53,974 (20.4%) 152,945 19.2%


**UPDATE 5/16 6:17 pm, new information discovered, this increase likely inaccurate.