American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Ladies Take the Lead in Overall Gains

Wednesday May 2nd

Season 11 of American Idol is down to just 5 contestants and at this point in the competition, you can feel the tension as the Top 5 battle it out to earn a hometown visit to perform in front of their friends & family. Of course, as the competition heats up, the fan counts are on their way up as well, though this week showed the gains coming in smaller and tighter across the field.

Compared against the same time last week, the Top 5 fan count gains (Twitter followers and Facebook likes) ranged on the low end from 10.8% by Phillip Phillips to 14.0% by Jessica Sanchez with Joshua Ledet (11.1%), Hollie Cavanagh (12.5%) and Skylar Laine (13.4%) in the middle.  Interestingly, the two gents of the bunch experienced the lowest overall gains, while the three ladies dominated gains in total fan count.  Could this gender gap be a sign that the male Idol winning streak may be about to end?

At the very least, this week’s data should be a wake up call for contestant Phillip Phillips to put on his best performance tonight, as Phillip showed the lowest gains in terms of Facebook, Twitter and overall. This is in sharp contrast to the previous week, where Phillip was the social media frontrunner in terms of gains. And, though it didn’t work out for Colton Dixon, if Facebook likes can predict the American Idol winner (or who will be eliminated), as the Wall Street Journal ponders, Hollie had just better pack her bags for home.

At this point, who will be going home on Thursday night is anyone’s guess. Keep following ZabaSearch because we will be following your votes through all the latest social media data and more to give you our best predictions for American Idol!




Contestant Twitter Followers
(1 week % change)
Facebook Likes
(1 week % change)
Total Fan Count
% Change in Total from Previous Week
Jessica Sanchez 258,313 (14.5%) 159,713 (13.3%) 418,026 14.0%
Phillip Phillips 241,526 (11.8%) 63,865 (7.3%) 305,391 10.8%
Skylar Laine 107,284 (13.7%) 47,170 (12.7%) 154,454 13.4%
Hollie Cavanagh 80,820 (13.5%) 36,296 (10.3%) 117,116 12.5%
Joshua Ledet 73,566 (12.2%) 40,457 (9.3%) 114,023 11.1%