American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Joshua Ledet Grows in Popularity

Wednesday March 21st

If you’re looking to find out how last week’s performances of songs from the year contestants were born affected the popularity of your American Idol favorite, you’ve come to the right place! Each week, we’ll be taking the social media pulse of American Idol contestants and showing you the growth in fan count from the previous week. This week, the overall rank order in popularity of the remaining American Idol contestants remained about the same, but there were a few notable changes in fan base.

In fact, contestant Joshua Ledet made some amazing gains in Facebook and Twitter following, coming in with a whopping 70% increase in fan-atics since before his last stellar performance of When a Man Loves a Woman by Michael Bolton. After the cheering died down, all three judges laid it on the line. “That was the best thing I’ve ever seen on American Idol,” shouted out JLo, while Steven chimed in, “That was so good man, we were up half way through it!” However, aside from disqualified contestant Jermaine Jones, last week, Joshua Ledet was at the bottom of the heap, so this burst of support did little to move his overall popularity ranking.

Likewise, Hollie Cavanagh also came in with a fantastic performance, though her Scorecard gains failed to give the same message. With an increase of only 10% in social media popularity, it’s interesting to note that last week’s top performers, including Elise Testone, sadly round out the bottom three in terms of Twitter and Facebook fan counts.

Tonight should make for some great performances, as the contestants take on one of Rock & Roll’s big time biggies, Mr. Billy Joel.  Watch tonight’s performances and then be sure to drop us a comment with your prediction or talk about it on Facebook!


** Data as of March 21, 2012



Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total % Change
(prev week)
Colton Dixon 73,867 44,348 118,215 34%
Heejun Han 79,186 27,836 107,022 12%
Jessica Sanchez 53,325 49,744 103,069 23%
Phillip Phillips 76,665 25,695 102.360 22%
DeAndre Brackensick 27,841 20,777 48,618 23%
Skylar Laine 28,449 19,155 47,604 26%
Erika Van Pelt 37,489 9,970 47,459 10%
Hollie Cavanagh 26,477 16,641 43,118 33%
Joshua Ledet 20,419 17,046 37,465 70%
Elise Testone 19,982 10,803 30,785 36%