American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Jessica Sanchez Gains Huge Following

Wednesday April 18th


Last week, we saw pretty even gains across the board for each of the Top 7 American Idol contestants (which you can see by taking a look at the previous American Idol Social Media Scorecard). This week the story was much different. The scorecard saw a wide range of fan count gains ranging from 14.6% for Phillip Phillips up to 49.7% for Jessica Sanchez.

This week’s data shows a much wider gap between the Top 2 contestants (Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon) and the remaining 5. Jessica’s huge increase in fans over the last week has really tightened the gap between her and Colton for the top position. This may be largely due to the fact that Jessica did not receive the votes to remain in the competition last week and was saved by the judges, giving fans another chance to vote for their favorite. There’s been speculation that fans often don’t vote for those contestants whom they consider to be safe. Perhaps Jessica was one of those contestants, but it appears as though her fans are rallying around her to ensure that she is safe in this week’s competition.

As the competition moves forward, we expect to see the gaps widen between the bottom few contestants (Elise, Joshua, Hollie, and Skylar) and the top few contestants (Phillip, Jessica, and Colton). It will be interesting to see how the Social Media Scorecard looks as we get closer and closer to the Top 3 and the competition tightens. Early indicators for tonight point to the bottom 4 contestants battling it out to remain safe for another week.

Be sure to come back and visit us Thursday morning for your post performance recaps, reviews and predictions for who will be going home next onĀ American Idol!

American Idol Social Media Scorecard
American Idol Social Media Scorecard


Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total % Change from Previous Week
Colton Dixon 201,967 111,694 313,661 17.4%
Jessica Sanchez 184,795 117,780 302,575 49.7%
Phillip Phillips 175,885 48,946 224,831 14.6%
Skylar Laine 76,437 35,139 111,576 21.0%
Hollie Cavanagh 61,260 28,924 90,184 17.8%
Joshua Ledet 55,714 31,651 87,365 19.3%
Elise Testone 54,325 26,824 81,149 21.9%