American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Hollie Cavanagh on the Rise

Wednesday March 28th

This week’s pulse on your favorite American Idol contestants shows significant gains in the American Idol Social Media Scorecard by Hollie Cavanagh and a steady spurt in fan count for Elise Testone.  Looking at changes in social media stardom from the previous week, Hollie Cavanagh experienced the largest growth from the previous week, with a 44% increase from last Wednesday; the majority of these gains came in Facebook fans.

Likewise, Elise Testone, who has consistently been trailing near the bottom of the pack for the first weeks of Season 11, has recently come into her own. Last week, she grew by a whopping 36% in fan count, and though her rate of growth decreased slightly this week to 23%, she falls squarely in the top half of the pile in terms of gains from last week’s American Idol Social Media Scorecard.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, funny man Heejun Han shows a slowing in popularity gains. For the last two weeks, Heejun has experienced nearly the slowest rate of growth in fan count of all contestants. Though he already has a huge fan following, including more than 87,000 Twitter followers and nearly 31,000 Facebook fans, Heejun is finding it difficult to find new fans, possibly due to a detrimental performance last week, and because fans are more supportive of serious singing as the competition grows more fierce.