American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Fan Count Gains Level but it’s Anybody’s Game

Wednesday April 11th

In this week’s social media race for popularity, the latest American Idol fan counts show slightly smaller but more evenly distributed gains in Twitter followers and Facebook likes among the remaining Top 7 American Idol contestants. This week, total fan count gains ranged from 16.4% by Hollie Cavanagh to 28.1% for Joshua Ledet over the same time last week.  In comparison, last week’s American Idol Social Media Scorecard (SMS) reflected a broader spread of gains — Hollie Cavanagh was still at the lower end of the spectrum with a mere 6.2% gain from the previous week while Elise Testone made the greatest gains, realizing a 46.0% increase in fan count over the same time period.

Also, looking at this week’s data, it is interesting to note that there is a clear divide in overall fan popularity between the top three contestants, Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips, and the remaining four, who are fairly close in overall fan score. Is this predictive of what the final rounds of Season 11 will look like? We think that is highly likely, though a single rogue performance could change things up completely.  Flashback to a few weeks ago, when Heejun Han “took the piss” out of My Life by Billy Joel. Even a stellar ratings in fan popularity and an equally impressive comeback performance the next week couldn’t save him. But that’s what makes American Idol as great as it is. Contestants are unpredictable and so is the American viewing audience (though that won’t stop us from trying).

That said, certainly overall popularity isn’t everything, but it is something. As the competition goes on, song choice/audience appeal and overall quality of performance will play larger roles in who will be going home on elimination night. But for tonight, early indicators suggest that between Elise, Joshua, Hollie and Skylar, it will be tough battle to stay out of the bottom three — let the performances fall where they may!

Be sure to come back and visit us Thursday morning for your post performance recaps, reviews and predictions for who will be going home next on American Idol!


Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total % Change from Previous Week
Colton Dixon 171,414 95,744 267,188 19.0%
Jessica Sanchez 118,474 83,658 202,132 18.0%
Phillip Phillips 152,783 43,375 196,158 23.2%
Skylar Laine 62,427 29,758 92,185 26.0%
Hollie Cavanagh 51,423 25,147 76,570 16.4%
Joshua Ledet 45,901 27,326 73,227 28.1%
Elise Testone 44,332 22,212 66,544 20.3%