American Idol Social Media Scorecard: Colton Breaks Away While Hollie Lags Behind

Wednesday April 4th

Data junkies and statisticians come hither! In the race for fame and everlasting popularity, among Season 11′s Top 8 American Idol Contestants, this week, our pulse on the AI fan count shows current frontrunner Colton Dixon breaking away from the pack with a 46% gain over last week’s American Idol Social Media Scorecard (SMS), which tracks Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers of American Idol contestants.  Both Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Squared have been neck and neck with Colton until this week, when we saw the gap widen between faux-hawked Colton and 2nd place socialista, Jessica. Colton made enormous gains the previous week by tweeting that he would drop a video secret if he reached 100,000 followers, but this last week, Jessica made a similar social media play and promised to follow 100 fans back on Twitter if she reached 100,000 by today. At present time, Jessica has nearly 97,000 Twitter followers, with a few hours to pick up the slack, but it’s clear that Colton has the edge on fan pull among the group.

Also on the social radar is Hollie Cavanagh, who was the clear frontrunner in the count for fans last week, with fan count gains of nearly 44% over the previous week. However in a dramatic Idol change of tide, this week the SMS shows Hollie’s popularity has waned. With her fellow contestants clearly making double digit gains in fan count, Hollie garnered only 6% more following from the previous week. Could this be an omen of things to come Thursday night? We can’t help but think so. She landed in the bottom three last week and her overall popularity is slowing up considerably — Hollipops, you should definitely be on the wary for this week.

Be sure to gather round tonight to watch the Top 8 perform Songs from the 80′s, and check back in with us tomorrow morning as the ZabaSearch American Idol Prediction Engine forecasts who might be going home on the next American Idol!


Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total
Colton Dixon 140,895 83,623 224,518
Jessica Sanchez 96,788 74,493 171,281
Phillip Phillips 124,269 34,933 159,202
Skylar Laine 47,665 25,494 73,159
DeAndre Brackensick 41,651 28,765 70,416
Hollie Cavanagh 43,135 22,657 65,792
Joshua Ledet 33,908 23,234 57,142
Elise Testone 35,931 19,376 55,307