American Idol Social Media Scorecard: And Then There Were Four

Wednesday May 9th

We’re down to just four contestants this week on American Idol and it is clearly anybody’s game, with more and more data tumbling in every second! Fan counts for the final four contestants are still headed up for all contestants, though at a higher rate for underdogs Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet.  For the second week in a row, ladies’ man Phillip Phillip finds himself at the bottom of the pack in terms of fan growth. Phillip’s total fan count grew by only 6.5% from this same time last week, compared to Joshua, who experienced fan growth at a whopping 12.5%.

The greatest relative gains in fan base are taking place on the Twitter battlefield. All contestants except Phillip saw double digit growth this week, with the same type of disparity showing up in Facebook fan growth as well.  Read on below to get the bird’s eye view of fan growth in this week’s American Idol Social Media Scorecard, but don’t stop there — as a special treat for Idol data freaks, we’ve done a deep dive into the numbers to get a better idea of fan count trending over the last eight weeks.

Contestant Twitter Followers
(1 week % change)
Facebook Likes
(1 week % change)
Total Fan Count
% Change in Total from Previous Week
Jessica Sanchez 284.087 (10.0%) 174,286 (9.1%) 458,373 12.0%
Phillip Phillips 258,112 (6.9%) 67,053 (5.0%) 325,165 6.5%
Hollie Cavanagh 91,222 (12.9%) 39,907 (9.9%) 458.373 12.0%
Joshua Ledet 83,453 (13.4%) 44,817 (10.8%) 128,270 12.5%


To give you a better view of how the Top 4 contestants have been trending with fans over the last eight weeks, we’ve taken a closer look at both Facebook and Twitter fan counts for Hollie, Josh, Phillip and Jessica. Facebook fan trends show a consistent and clear rank order of popularity among the Final Four. We’ve marked a few significant trend points in each graph to show how certain performances might have affected the week to week growth in popularity. For example, Jessica Sanchez enjoyed a spike in fan count growth on both Twitter and Facebook after her performance of Stuttering by Jazmine Sullivan. In contrast, Twitter growth slowed up for Jessica the next week after Falling and Try a Little Tenderness, while Facebook growth continued on at a good pace.

For Phillip Phillips, however, the Twitter fan counts show that he had been ahead of Jessica Sanchez until Jessica’s performance of Stuttering, where she pulled ahead of Phillip, her seemingly biggest competition. Phillips slowing popularity also coincides with his widely criticized performances of Fat Bottomed Girls and The Stone.

What does this all mean? Well that ultimately depends on voter turnout in these final few weeks. If Jessica’s and Phillip’s fans continue to come out in full force, we will likely see a duel between these two in the final round of American Idol. However, it’s not time to count out anybody out just yet — Joshua and Hollie continue to gain fans at a more rapid pace than the other two, and well, thanks to complacent fans, Jessica’s already been voted out once.

Let’s watch and see how it all goes down tonight as the Top Four get set to perform again. Be sure and check back here tomorrow to see the latest results from the ZabaSearch Prediction Engine as we make our guesses as to who is going home next on American Idol!