Who is Going Home Next on American Idol?


Welcome to ZabaSearch's American Idol predictions! After a record setting 132 million votes, Season 11 of American Idol has come to a close and contestant Phillip Phillips has been named the next American Idol in a fight to the finished! Season 12 of American Idol auditions are already underway, so until the curtain rises, please stick with us for news and notes on American Idol and  join us on Facebook to play along with us as we take on the challenge of other popular prime time voting shows and  Season 12 of American Idol!

Season 11 Top 4 American Idol Update: What Are They Doing Now?
Friday June 8th

Now that the clamor over Season 11 has died down, we thought it would be a good time to find out what your favorite Idol contestants are doing now. While most are getting ready for their upcoming summer tour, here’s the lowdown on other things that the contestants have been up to: Phillip Phillips:  Season [...]

The Data Did Not Translate Into Votes (This Time Around): Congrats Phillip Phillips, American Idol!
Wednesday May 23rd

Phillip Phillips is our new American Idol. After a record-setting 132 million votes and lasting popularity among the younger females, a key demographic of the American Idol audience, handsome and quietly rebellious Phillip took center stage and the title of American Idol on Wednesday night in a surprising-to-some (yes, that includes us) grand finale. So [...]

ZabaSearch Predicts Jessica Sanchez Wins American Idol
Wednesday May 23rd

In the hottest night of American Idol yet, Top 2 contestants Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez wowed the audience with three songs that changed the Idol Nation forever and the question on everybody’s mind became: Could the 16 year old powerhouse from Chula Vista, California win it all and become the first female American Idol [...]

Man versus Machine: Catch ZabaSearch on AfterBuzzTV Tonight After American Idol
Tuesday May 22nd

You never know what you’re going to come across in the Twittersphere these days, and just a few weeks ago, we engaged  AfterBuzzTV hosts J.C. Rubio and Mark Alan in a little friendly banter over American Idol predictions. Sure we missed a few early on, but since J.C. and Mark have brought this to squarely [...]

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