Tuesday July 17th

Gather round dance fans as we give you the fan count on your favorite SYTYCD Top 20 Contestants! We’ve had our feelers out all week to pick up the fan vibe for our first set of predictions on who will be the bottom three males and bottom three females in the first round of eliminations.  However, before we get to the punchline, we thought we’d lay a little groundwork first to get you up to speed on who the most popular contestants are so far so you can get ready to lay your own bets.

Once again, the ZabaSearch Social Media Scorecard (SMS), returns for Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance! This weekly count shows a couple of the statistics that our prediction engine captures for benchmark purposes.  the data presented below is for July 11th, the day before the Top 20 hit the stage for competition. Let’s start with the guys!


Contestant Twitter Followers Facebook Likes Total % Change from Previous Week
Cyrus Spencer 3,912 1,560 5,471 N/A
Cole Horibe 2,210 1,283 3,493 N/A
Daniel Baker 2,472 854 3,326 N/A
Matthew Kazmierczak 2,460 857 3,317 N/A
Will Thomas 2,283 767 3,050 N/A
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp 1,882 1,130 3,012 N/A
George Lawrence II 1,937 328 2,265 N/A
Brandon Mitchell 1,488 505 1,993 N/A
Dareian Kujawa 1,352 491 1,843 N/A
Nick Bloxsom-Carter 987 352 1,339 N/A

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