Wednesday July 18th

Tonight brings another round of performances by Season 9′s Top 20 contestants and the first set of eliminations from this finalist group. Based on a fan vote of last week’s performances, we will soon learn the who the bottom three girls and the bottom three boys are, from which the judges will eliminate two dancers from each gender after a new set of performances.

Who will be going home tonight? We’ve made our predictions for the bottom three, but with more dancing to come before the final decision is made, it could be any of the dancers.  In the meantime, we’ve gathered the latest round of fan data on the SYTYCD Top 20 to give you a sense of how these dancers are ranking currently among fans. Among the big changes from same time last week, Matthew Kazmierczak doubles the number of his Twitter followers resulting in a big move up in the total rankings by fan count. In addition, Will Thomas made some great gains after a purrr-fectly whimsical performance with partner Amelia Lowe.  Complete details on current fan count rankings of the guys follows below!


Contestant Twitter Followers (% Change) Facebook Likes (% Change) Total % Change from Total Previous Week
Cyrus Spencer 6,030
8,088 47.8%
Matthew Kazmierczak 5,028
6,217 87.4%
Cole Horibe 3,426
5,304 51.8%
Will Thomas 4,072
5,265 72.6%
Daniel Baker 3,688
4,807 44.5%
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp 2,755
4,173 38.5%
George Lawrence II 2,790
3,278 44.7%
Brandon Mitchell 2,199
2,872 44.1%
Dareian Kujawa 2,127
2,799 51.9%
Nick Bloxsom-Carter 1,499
1,980 47.9%

If you’re on pins and needles like we are, and can’t wait to see what happens as the first four members of the Top 20 are eliminated tonight, please join us on Facebook and share your thoughts and enthusiasm for So You Think You Can Dance!