Thursday August 30th

After a night of solos and dances with all-star partners, the Top 8 So You Think You Can Dance contestants said goodbye to two of their own, Lindsay Arnold and Will Thomas, while competing to make it to the finals after next week’s fan vote.  Read on for a sampling of judges’ comments from the all-star dances and stay tuned for our predictions for the Final Four SYTYCD finalists!
Witney Carson & Twitch
Hip Hop Choreography by Luther Brown
Song:  My Homes Still by Lil Wayne

Nigel:  Utah, you turn out some brilliant dancers, you really do.

Mary:  Witney, you knw, if I had a hat, it would definitely be coming off, that was just spectacular tonight!

Jesse:  I love to ra-tchet. You both are stars, like I need to be told who you are…Witney, you are so beautiful, you have this amazing sensuality that you don’t have to work it…

Cole Horibe & Alison
Possibly Maybe by Bjork
Contemporary choreography by Sonja Tayeh

Jesse:  This was insane, this was like an American Horror Story promo…I’m shaking and I need a cocktail.

Mary:  Cole, the name of that song, was possibly Maybe, possibly you’ll be in the finally, maybe you’ll be in the finally.  If you  keep dancing like that, you’ll probably be in the finale.

Nigel:  It was powerful, it was dramatic…slightly quirky and scary. And Cole, you bring that any way to the competition. You bring that uniqueness…there’s no reason why you will not make the finale if you keep dancing the way you’ve been dancing.

Eliana Girard & Ryan
Quickstep choreography by Jonathan Roberts
Song: That Man by Caro Emerald

Mary:  You were spectacular!..You really brought it on, and how about that waterfall trick at the end?!

Jesse:  Holy smokies, Lord have Murphy!  Your range of emotion is just extraordinary for your age.

Nigel:  It’s almost like this show was created for you because whatever you’re asked to do, you turn yourself into that style of dancer.

Lindsay Arnold & Alex
Jazz choreography by Sonya Tayeh
Song: Somebody that I used to Know by GoTye

Nigel:  I thought your technique the pair of you was tremendous. I didn’t personally feel the sexual tension between the two of you…

Mary:  It’s a no in the chemistry department for sure, but it was this really great dancing without a doubt.

Jesse:  Lindsay, you are ding-dong adorable, you are so cute.

Will Thomas &  Lauren
Hip hop choreography by Christopher Scott
Song: Dance My Pain Away by Wye Oak

Mary:  Tonight, it was articulate, it was precise…all the little movement it was so perfect.

Jesse:  Will, you are ridiculously adorable…you’re like an adorable puppy.

Nigel:  Sometimes your personality appears cheesey, but this week, you really contained it.

Cyrus Spencer & Melanie
Jazz choreography by Mandy Moore
Song:  Badder Badder Schwing by Freddy Fresh

Jesse:  Your charism and your spirit and your pants kept my eyes on you.

Nigel:  It’s your personality, it just grabs you, you’re like a people magnet…America must love you.  In truth, you’ve improved tremendously, I think at the end of this you still won’t be the best dancer, but this is about America’s favorite dancer.

Mary:  Cyrus, you know we have to remember, you’re an animator and every week you’re outside of your style…

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp & Anya
Tango choreography by Miriam and Leonardo
Song:  Breathing Below Surface by Jesse Cook

Mary:  It is my favorite number tonight and Chehon, I know we’ve been after you all season about your performance, but man oh man you had a performance…Chehon you’re on the train!

Jesse:  That was such a strong performance…I’m inviting you on my hot jalapeno bus!

Nigel:  Chehon is certainly in his element…his breadth, his strength…

Tiffany Maher & Ade
Contemporary choreography by Mandy Moore
Song:  The Power of Love by Celine Dion

Jesse:  That was amazing…the partner work was insane!

Mary:  Ah, Tiffany, you are extraordinary and on this show, that is your best performance of the season, it was phenomenal.

Nigel:  What I love about you Tiffany is that you’re a beautiful technician, you’re a beautiful performer and you don’t know you’re beautiful. There’s just a humbleness about you…