Wednesday August 22nd

In this week’s episode, the Top 10 dancers were paired up with All-Stars from past season’s show. What could be more exciting?! Read on for a summary of judges’ comments a taste of tonight’s show!

Tiffany Maher & All-Star Brandon
Disco choreography by Doriana Sanchez
Song: You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship

Nigel: You were fantastic tonight, my darling, you really were!

Mary: Holy smokes Tiffany, you just set the dance floor on fire tonight!

Benjamin: You had a chance to be fearless tonight…I was mainly impressed by the level of energy you kept all the way through.

Witney Carson & All-Star Nick
Jazz choreography by Travis Wall
Song: Sing it Back by Moloko

Benjamin: I thought it was excellent…our attention to you is just completely on, you really hit it…

Nigel: This week, we’ve given you another problem, we’re bringing back dancers who are utterly brilliant…and you have to live up to them…you are doing so! You were even sexy when you were breathing, young lady.

Mary: The Lord have mercy, you were smoldering out there with Nick. You’re a star, each week you’ve been shining bright…

Cole Horibe & All Star Anya
Cha cha choreography by Dimitry Chaplin
Song: Glad You Came by The Wanted

Mary: It was amazing, honestly… The connections were good, the chemistry, not hot enough, not quite believable, to tell the truth…You did good, I wish I could put you on the hot tamale train, but I can’t today, but your bags are packed and you’re on the platform.

Benjamin: I thought you did great…my only comment is think about more movement quality…

Nigel:  Normally Cole’s got fantastic lines, but I was a little disappointed at the contact with Anya…you were performing to us without connecting with Anya so much.

Lindsay Carson & All-Star Jacob
Broadway choreography by Spencer Liff
Song: Dancin’ Dan by Fosse

Nigel:  Two weeks ago you were going home and here you are again tonight being were tremendous tonight you ladey, still alot to learn, but magnificent.

Mary: Sister, you have first class tickets tonight on the hot tamale train! You really deserve it tonight, you’re fabulous.

Benjamin: Lindsay, I thought it was extremely well executed, you were right on top of the beat.

Will Thomas & All-Star Kathryn
Bollywood choreography by Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song:  Ooh La La by The Dirty Picture (Soundtrack)

Mary:  Will, Will, Will, you Energizer bunny you! You were just jumpin’ and hoppin’ all over the place! Well done tonight, Will!

Benjamin:  I think you really have such a charming, unique style, something completely personable.

Nigel: Will, there are times I want to say to you, just calm down a little bit, take things more seriously, then I think, just shut up Nigel….what you do is bring personality to everything.

Cyrus with All-Star Jamie
Contemporary choreography by Travis Wall
Song:   Outro by M83

Benjamin:  You have this raw energy that is so compelling to watch and you also know how to shift your focus and partner really, really well.

Nigel:  You, Cyrus, is somebody who has to dance. It’s wonderful to see. You still have so much to learn…This show stretches you and Cyrus, when you want to dance as much as you want to dance, this show will continue to stretch you…I think you’re brilliant, I really do.

Mary:   All the connections and transitions from one lift to the next were amazing….maybe the feet and the legs not the best right now, but its the passion and emotion that you give us…

Chehon with All-Star Lauren
Hip hop choreography by Dave Scott
Song:  Pretty Wings by Maxwell

Nigel:  You had a smile, Chehon…it was just so much warmer and there’s a real difficulty when your’e so trained, that’s all you concentrate on, and now you’re starting to get into the music…what you did out there tonight was the first step in throwing that hook out there and reeling us in.

Mary:  There were some sections in this sort of slinky, groove-hop that you were getting through…I still wanted it to be just a little more funky…it was more in and out for me. It’s not going to be the most memorable for me tonight but I think you have personally accomplished alot tonight.

Benjamin:  The sort of looseness that you brought to the performance tonight was the sort of thing you need to concentrate on.

George Lawrence II with All-Star Allison
Jazz choreography by Tyce DiOrio
Song:  Bahamut by Hazmat Modine

Mary:  Wow, George, to be ale to dance with Allison, you are just an amazing dancer. I thought this was a lot of fun, George…you looked like you were really in it and I thought your technique was great.

Benjamin: You are an amazing mover, you can do just about anything.

Nigel:  George, I think your technique was tremendous, I didn’t believe your character…you’ve got to bring the goods…I just thought you were dancing.

Eliana Girard & All-Star Alex
Contemporary choreography by Stacey Tookey
Song:  Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra

Nigel:  If anybody’s ever uncertain about maturity in movement, you’ve just shown it, the two of you. Eliana, you are proving to be my favorite girl this year, I’m telling you now.

Mary:  The hair went up on my arms, you guys, that was by far my favorite routine tonight! It took my breath away. Eliana you were the star tonight!

Benjamin:  It was a great dance, great song…you heard it all, you’ve got it all, it was all beautifully executed, but mainly your performance was driven by so much passion.

Audrey Case & All-Star Twitch
Hip hop choreography by Dave Scott
Song:  Sincerely, Jane by Janelle Monae

Benjamin:  I think it was a little unfair to have Twitch come out. I wanted more from you, there’s no reason you can’t out do him.

Mary:  As good as Twitch is, you [Audrey] made me watch you…you just held your own…You’re a little dance angel, sister.

Nigel: I would’ve like to have seen more character…the dancing and the getting into it was terrific.