Friday July 13th

Our first prediction for Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance:  It’s going to be a killer season, with spectacular dancing, tough competition and plenty of tight calls!  Matched up in pairs, the Top 20 gave us our first look at all the great moves these dancers have, starting with…

Witney & Cheon
Samba choreography by Louis van Amstel
Song:  Juno by The Cube Guys & Luciana

9 Second Interview:
Witney plays the guitar and drums, but she hates crickets.
Chehon was born in Chicago, but was raised in Switzerland.

Nigel: Witney, you look like a star, you dance like a star and honey you are a star. Chehon, you are a fantastic dancer…you need to be careful that you relax more – you can, this isn’t classical now…

Mary:  It was a really great routine and Chehon, yeah, there are some foot problems going on in there…  Witney, this girl’s in need of some serious transportation!

Kenny:  I can’t bring you back down to earth because she [Witney] brought us into space. It was like Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot only it was hotter!

Tiffany & George
Choreography by Sonya Tayek
Music:  Turning Page by Sleeping at Last

9 Second Interview:
Tiffany has baby hands, had a pet duck, likes going to the beach.
George loves green, had a pet frog, and loves southern food

Mary: Wow, I’m breathless…talk about living in the moment…you both surrendered to this choreography you were living in each and every second. George, you are a phenomenal dancer and you did not disappoint. You are one of the best dancers in the competition. Tiffany, you may be a teeny little thing, but my goodness, the strength it possesses to make it look like you’re effortless and the part where you literally almost levitated…it was just spectacular.

Kenny:  You did surrender and you were so generous to one another…You spilled it! What else can I say, you spilled it!

Nigel:  You dance right away through to the end of your fingertips…the dancing was absolutely was superb from the both of you… I think America is going to love you too, I certainly do.

Janaya & Brandon
Hip Hop choreography by Napoleon & Tabitha Dumo
Music: Take Care by Drake featuring Rihanna

9 Second Interview:
Janaya wants to meet Shamu, loves fuzzy socks, hates eating orange candy,  and is not a fan of Chucky.
Brandon loves pizza and doesn’t have any pets because of allergies

Kenny:  I believed every word of the story, it was if you were speaking…I felt the frustration, I felt the struggle and I felt the love. I felt the desire to help this individual.

Nigel:  They didn’t show the rough and tough that generally shows with hip-hop. They smoothed it out for you.

Mary: What I love about you, Brandon, is how deep you really went into character. You really made it believable. Janaya, I’d say a little more gritty.

Alexa & Daniel
Jazz choreography by Sean Cheesman
Music:  Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer

9 Second Interview:
Alexa loves red lipstick, watermelon, and puppies.
Daniel throws boomerangs, is related to Cocodile Dundee, and has a kangaroo.

Nigel:  There were so many wonderfully intricate things you were asked to do, but because it was never ending…it’s really difficult to make a connection between each other during that and connection with the audience. I hope the audience really appreciated how difficult the things you were doing were!

Mary:  It was so exciting, you guys looked so hot in that red, red, red!

Kenny:  It was an extremely demanding piece, a lot of extraordinary risk, a lot was put on you…I appreciated the exercise, I didn’t feel as if you were invested in it as I would’ve like to have seen…Although I was impressed with the exercise, I wasn’t as impressed with the performance.

Amber & Nick
Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkison
Music:  Nights in White Satin by Tina Arena

9 Second Interview:
Amber used to run track, loves bunnies, likes to skate, and hates sausage.
Nick just took 23 credits, loves the beach, movies and hanging out with friends.

Mary: I just think the whole thing was dreamy! It was just floating across that floor.

Kenny:  Fluid, flowing, lovely.

Nigel:  When you get your own genre, we expect you to be brilliant…you need to be careful you don’t get this anxious look on your face.

Amelia & Will
Character Pop choreography by Tabitha Dumo & Napoleon
Music:  The Lovecats by The Cure

9 Second Interview:
Amelia’s dad is a tattoo artist but she has no tattoo. She is named after Amelia Earhart because Dad flies planes.
Will’s favorite color is orange, and he’s starting to believe he’s Simba.

Kenny: I think the audience would agree with me that if we ha a kitty like you, we would play with you all day long. Will you, did a great job of playing with her!

Nigel:  This is another great partnership that’s formed here already. Amelia is quirky and crazy and Will is just plain crazy. Personality is so important on this show; it’s what gets votes.

Mary: It was purrrrrfect! I loved it, I loved it!

Janelle & Dareian
African Jazz choreography by Sean Cheesman
Music:  Jungle by Hilight Tribe

9 Second Interview:
Janelle loves purple, roller coasters and she loves to cook.
Dareian hates spiders, loves the color blue and can talk like Donald Duck.

Nigel: You two are so exciting as dancers.

Mary: It was like a jungle dance off. Both of you came off as winners this time.

Kenny:  It was primitive, it was universal.

Eliana & Cyrus
Broadway choreography by Tyce Diorio
Music:  Run and Tell That from Hairspray

9 Second Interview:
Eliana hates raisins, is addicted to True Blood, and loves word “Alfred”.
Cyrus is a Picses, he’s addicted to shoes and loves basketball.

Mary:  Wow, you guys brought the house down…people are just going to Google you up!

Kenny:  I felt like I was in New York watching a great performance on a great stage…It’s what Broadway’s all about!

Nigel:  Cyrus, you are great at what you do, you are not yet a great dancer…you are absolutely entertaining to watch. Eliana, this really didn’t show off what a brilliant dancer you are, but you are probably the benchmark for all the other girls to achieve this season.

Audrey & Matthew
Choreography by Travis Wall
Music: Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

9 Second Interview:
Audrey can fart with her neck,; she loves Taylor Lautner and elephants.
Matthew is a cat person, but is scared of sharks. He has six tattoos.

Kenny: Exquisitely choreographed, brilliantly danced.

Nigel: [Enjoyed it] More than anything else this evening.

Mary:  it was absolutely breathtaking.

Lindsay & Cole:
Paso Doble choreography by Jason Gilkison

9 Second Interview:
Lindsay likes food, doesn’t like spiders or tomatoes, and once gave somebody stitches.
Cole is your stereotypical Asian male who’s a martial artist who likes math. He is a descendant of  47 Ronin Samurai.

Kenny:  Mesmerizing, electrifying, two of the most fantastic performances I’ve ever seen on this show.

Mary: The name of this song was called unstoppable.

Nigel: That is the best Paso Doble I’ve ever seen any boy ever do on this show. . You were brilliant tonight, the pair of you.